24 Mar

Writing Paragraphs

A paragraph is a group of sentence related to one topic or developing one point. These sentences are closely related to one topic or developing one point. These sentences are closely related in meaning and are arranges in a systematic manner. A paragraph may stand independently, that is, it may be a short composition complete in itself or it may be apart of longer composition like an essay. For further information concerning to Writing Paragraph, site each chapter below!

(For all IKIP Budi utomo students who are joining WRITING 1 course, you can also site the following lesson materials and the Syllabus relating to this course)

  1. Introduction to paragraph
  2. Kinds of paragraph
  3. The Topic Sentence
  4. Paragraph Unity
  5. Coherence
  6. Sentence Problems
  7. Sentence Varieties
  8. Word Choice
  9. Meaning & Grammar
  10. Text Drafting
  11. Text Finalizing
  12. The Dictionary
  13. Punctuation
  14. Titling

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17 responses to “WRITE A PARAGRAPH WELL

  1. Shela Violeta

    December 1, 2011 at 20:29

    REG 2011


    Jatim park 2 is very famouse tourism place. It is the most commonly visited tourism place in Batu East Java Province. This tourism concept is suitable for family and school children.They can learn many things in several exsisting educational and enjoy the holiday with recreation there. JTP 2 offers the complete tourism facilities, such as Animals Museum that has huge bird cage.The next is Secreet Zoo. There are many kinds of animals such as Amphibi, Reptile, Herbivores, Carnivores, Fishes and Mamals available there. Then the tourists can enjoy the water playground, Huge Wheel, or might enjoy the delicious foods in the Food Court. Besides these there is wide parking area there, it can make you confortable if you go there. Accomodation for the tourists is available in JTP 2,exacly Pohon inn.Besides Pohon inn, Surya Indah Hotel is near from JTP 2, the distance is about 1km. JTP2 has beautiful scenery,because it is location on up hill town it is arround Panderman Hill.The temperature it is about 19 Celcius Degree, so the air is cool. The ticket price to enjoy the place is divided become 2 options both regular it is about Rp 45.000 and weekend it is about Rp 60.000. Transportation to reach the place is easy, such as traditional “ANDHONG” then modern is car, motorcycle and public transportation and “len”,travel,or taxi.If you want to buy special hand gift JTP2 is provides many kinds of souvernirs, fresh fruits and vegetable, then chips from apple, salak, jackfruit, banana and casava. Earthenware and sculpture made by the people of batu. Therefore JTP 2 is the best place in Batu good for education, refreshing mind and recreation for family.

  2. Mia Karuniasih, English A2

    April 16, 2011 at 18:31

    Once day in fasting month, all of my family are fasting, including of me and my young brother and my young sister who were 6 and 4 years old. all my family gathered in my home, we joked and play together. after quite a long time, we are tired and take e break. I feel thirsty, and then I take e glass of water and directly I drunk the water. suddenly I remember that I still fasting and I immediately spit back. I look to my family, they were laughing at me. and I also laugh, but I feel ashamed specially with my young brother and my young sister that was child. because my young sister want to break she fasting.

  3. Rino Ade Waluvi

    April 16, 2011 at 11:47

    A memorable day is the day where we will always remember in our life. In other word, a memorable day is a unforgettable day. In this world, there are many kinds of memorable days, for example, Moslem has Idul Fitri day, Christian has Christmas day, Eastern and especially in Christian American has Halloween and the last Imlek. Furthermore, in this reading text will get down the cases about a memorable day.
    In the first place, will explain about about Idul Fitri which is the big day for Moslem. Idul Fitri has characteristics as Idul Fitri Praying, there are many “ketupat”, visits to the graveyard, etc. Generally, in Idul Fitri day is started with Idul Fitri Praying in mosque and then we will return home and we will do the “sungkeman” to our parents, afterwards, usually we will eat “Ketupat” and “Opor Ayam” together with family. Despitefully, there are many peoples go to graveyard to clean resting place of ancestors and the other people step around the neighbor’s house to shake hand with them. However, there is an interest time in Idul Fitri which is waited by children, it is a gift of money and after it, they will be happy and buy something quickly.
    The second is Christmas. Specific characteristic for this day is there are many Yew Tree in every house of Christian and certainly, the Yew tree is decorated with gaud. Not just it, in Christmas, there is people who wear cloth with the color is Red and White and uses beard imitation and gives some gift, this called Santa Claus. The third, a memorable day is Eastern, this day has characteristic as painting an egg and there is ornate of rabbit. The fourth is Halloween, this day is very frighten for people who scary with the ghost because children or adult wear ghost cloth and will walk down in walk. On the contrary, it will be funny for children because they can get many candies with play trick on treat and in every house there is a pumpkin which decorated like head of human. It is very scary.
    The latest, it is about Imlek, it is a big day for Konghucu’s communities. Red is the dominant of color in this day and Barong Sai became characteristic of this day and every Imlek day, the children get Ang Pao, on the other way, for adult must give the Ang Pao for the children. Ultimately, explain about the memorable day is finished and writer hope to the readers after finished read this reading text, readers can know how the atmosphere in every memorable day.

  4. friska yuniarshih english A1

    April 16, 2011 at 09:50

    the greatest different language of west borneo
    west borneo is big province , meanwhile west borneo has kinds of language . at first , bengkayang is place where community dayak lived , actually dayak is origin people of west borneo , and the communication of dayak community in bengkayang is dayak languge (ex: ahe ; apa) . next , pontianak is regency of west borneo , many community of pontianak is melayu . normally ,they speak melayu pontianak language . besides , sambas community also include in melayu community and speak melayu language , nevertheless , melayu daerah . furthermore , batulayang in west borneo also has madura community and they speak maduraness . so in other words i can give conclusion that west borneo has kind of different language .

  5. Putriyanto (Ryan) english A2

    April 16, 2011 at 09:41

    “act like a clown”
    long time ago when i was in my vocational high school of student orientation my teacher asked me to modify my self as a clown . basically , i felt shame to other because i had never done it before . but my teacher still forced me to do it , finally i did it . then he ordered me to walk through pavement from class one to class three . fortunately , at the time there were not any student near the classes so i was not too shy . in spite of my body liked a real clown .

  6. ENI

    April 15, 2011 at 20:10

    The Historocal Resort in West Borneo
    In each territory has definite interesting resort, specially in west Borne. in there, there are resort but those resort are very interesting and enchanting historical resort.
    for instance in my vellage, there is namelly Puteri Serai Beach, this beach is in Jawai. in this beach there are sole of foot’s king, his name is Dato’ Kulub. the size of foot more or less like our foot but his foot bigger than us. most of inhabitan called the stone with name Batu Lappa’.
    afterwards, there is Tanjung Batu. this resort is in Pemangkat. we called Tanjung Batu because in this resort has a lot of stone. there are many kind and size of stone. that become the question how and where did the stone stack and come so that become stack beatifully. this mysterious has not been answering since several years ago until now.
    besides there is namely Pasir Panjang Beach. Pasir Panjang Beach is in Singkawang or Amoi town. this beach is very famous because it has a white sand, a wide beach, and a blue water. this beach at once became famous resort in this town. much less, this resort has a story about princes that care this beach. ever when fisherman want to go to sea, he looked princes sit on the stone. and than, when he try to approach her sudenly the princes is disappar. this story is wanna every one be anxious.
    there after is Kijing Beach in Pontianak. all the time there is people ask why did this beach called by Kijing beach. probably, the shape of this beach is like a jeep. it is right, so that all people called this beach with Kijing Beach. formarly, in this territory there are a lot of jeeps and the jeeps came from heaven. up to now, inhabitan still believe with this story.
    those are historical resort in west borneo that is very interesting and enchanting place.

  7. novita septiyani /pnd. b.inggris 2010

    April 14, 2011 at 11:13

    Exercise 3
    a. Paragraph “ A” is Thoroughly developed because the text write is Bernard is considered as a young polyglot, so international mens he can specak other than Germany.
    b. Paragraph “ B” is Thoroughly developed because this paragraph is has a clear main idea and one sentence and the other sentence is very coherence.
    c. Paragraph “C” is Not thoroughly developed because this paragraph is not revelan , Borneo is not in Sumatra but in Kalimantan and the main idea said is “ my vacation trips in Sumatra”.

  8. iis astutik nonreg 2010

    April 7, 2011 at 12:08

    Many exotic beaches in the south of Malang. Where the first Balekambang Coast beach conditions there are very clean and white, so it looks shiny when sunset.Uniqueness of this beach is the existence of two adjacent islands, and one which contains a temple. That the two most interesting Ngliyep.Coast of Ngliyep are big waves. while the location is in the district Donomulyo.It into three is kondangmerak beach, located next to the beach Balekambang. The attraction of this beach is an unspoiled coastal state. There visitors are still rare here so visitors can enjoy the natural authenticity of the beach. The fourth beach is a Sendangbiru beach . This beach is very crowded beaches, because there are still many fishermen who catch fish. There are also fish auction so that visitors can simply buy fish for gift. Now we know a lot of exotic beaches that we can visit in south Malang
    topic sentence
    exotic beach in south Malang
    major supporting idea
    1. Balekambang beach
    minor suporting idea
    a. beach conditions
    b. uniqueness
    2. ngliyep beach
    minor suporting idea
    a. big waves
    b. location ngliyep
    3. kondangmerak beach
    minor suporting idea
    a. kondangmerak attraction
    b. visitors kondangmerak
    4. sendangbiru beach
    minor suporting idea
    a. many fishermen
    b. fish auction
    many exotic beaches that we can visit in the south of Malang.

  9. ainia pertiwi (ikip budi utomo/2101001320117)

    April 6, 2011 at 20:50

    I have two hero in my house. The first is my father. He was very care with all family members. My father gave me a lot of advice, love, and discipline. He is really loved me sincerely without expecting anything. The second is my mother. She was a very gentle loving and care with all family members. She always helped me and care for everything. My father and my mother are everything for me. They are human never forgotten in my life because they are who make my life become complete. So I can learn many things from my father and my mother to become a hero in my life.

    Topic sentence : I have two hero in my house
    Mass 1 : The first is my father
    Miss 1.1 : He was very care with all family members.
    Miss 1.2 : My father gave me a lot of advice, love, and discipline.
    Miss 1.3 : He is really loved me sincerely without expecting anything.
    Mass 2 :The second is my mother.
    Miss 2.1 :She was a very gentle loving and care with all family members.
    Miss 2.2 :She always helped me and care for everything.
    Mass 3 :My father and my mother are everything for me.
    Mass 3.1 :They are human never forgotten in my life because they are who make my life become complete..
    Conclusion : So I can learn many things from my father and my mother to become a hero in my life.

  10. rini novi

    April 6, 2011 at 16:02

    Nama : Rini Eliya Novida
    NPM : 210100320041
    Non reg 2010

    There are many kinds of animal in the zoo. An animal devided into four. First are wild animal as lion and tiger. They are usually eat meat. Second are tame animal as cow, giraffe and rabbit. They are usually eat grass. Third are reptiles as snake and lizard. The last are bird as eagle, parrot and dove. Many kind of animal live in those place we can called zoo.
    Topic sentence : Animals in the zoo
    1. Mass 1 : wild animals
    Miss 1.1 : Lion
    Miss 1.2 : Tiger
    2. Mass 2 : Tame animal
    Miss 2.1 : cow
    Miss 2.2 : giraffe
    Miss 2.3 : Rabbit
    3. Mass 3 : reptiles
    Miss 3.1 : Snake
    Miss 3.2 : lizard
    4. Mass 4 : Bird
    Miss 4.1 : eagle
    Miss 4.2 : Parrot
    Miss 4.3 : dove.

  11. Floentina Analia Sari

    March 30, 2011 at 15:07

    sir i have sent my job

  12. Floentina Analia Sari

    March 30, 2011 at 15:06

    topic sentences: livelihood systems of rural communities

    mass: community

    miss: -civil servants
    -private employees

  13. flaviana ekagarnisa

    March 29, 2011 at 05:12

    1. main idea : vertebrata.
    A. Reptilia
    – minnor : the animals that walk by stomach
    B. Aves
    C. Mamalia.
    D. Piscess

  14. dicky febrian prakoso

    March 27, 2011 at 10:37

    i have finish and send my exercise at your mail

  15. sabdi

    March 27, 2011 at 07:22

    Paragraphs are a part of a chapter in an essay or scientific work which must begin with how to write a new line. Paragraphs also known by other names paragraph. Paragraphs are made by making the first word in the first row into the (slide to right) a few beats or a space.

  16. setya yuniar sabatini (writing A2)

    March 26, 2011 at 07:25

    Amazing coruption in the world
    have 4 kind’s ;
    1.culture about coruption
    2. coruption is always associated with money
    3. coruption can affect the public welfare
    4. there is still no definvite law to tackle coruption

    setya yuniar sabatini
    Writing A2

  17. Rino Ade Waluvi

    March 26, 2011 at 04:31

    ======WRITING ASSIGNMENT========
    TS : A memorable day
    MASS : Idul Fitri, Christmas, Imlek, Easter, Halloween
    MISS: Idul Fitri (Ketupat, Idul Fitri Praying), Christmas (Yew Trees, Santa Claus), Imlek (Barong Sai, Ang Pao). Easter (Egghunt, Food), Halloween (
    house of horror, Pumpkin).


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