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In addition to Unity, Coherence plays a crucial part of writing a paragraph. Every coherent paragraph containts smoothly-connected ideas. Each sentence moves on naturally. Tshe paragraph is like a well-built high-way. Vehicles will run smoothly without encountering too many obstacles. On the contrary, the incoherent paragraph might be like a zig-zag bumpy mountain road; as the result vehicles can’t run fast and easily.

To achieve coherence, the writer need to use the transitions, such as however, although, finally, and nevertheless. As the word implies, a transition is similar to change one item idea to another. So that able to support the writer to make smooth way to produce a coherent paragraph. Using appropriate transisitons, the writer will not jump out of the blue or sound too abrupt. The idea will run smoothly.

Pay attention to the following transitions in the paragraph below:

Recently, I went to Surabaya, a lovely big city in East Java, to visit my penfriend, Arda, for the first time. Although the bus was full, I was lucky enough to get a comfortable seat and could enjoy the trip. After about a forty-five minutes, I got off at the station and began to look for my friend’s address. Unfortunately, I failed completely in my attempt. To cheer myself up, I then window-shopped downtown. Moreover, I had a walk in the town-square park. Nevertheless, I still ferlt rather dissapointed. Therefore, I decided to go home and said to myself, “Certainly, I shall ‘visit’ Arda another time.”

As we can observe, every sentence in the paragraph above begins with a transitional word. As a matter of fact we can delete some of them. Since we intended to supply a sample paragraph as many transitional words or expressions as possible, we included all the transitions by intention. It is understandable if some of us argue that the paragraph, in fact, does not read naturally: It contains too many transitions.



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  1. Moch. musafa'ul Anam (A class 2011)

    November 28, 2011 at 15:26

    ==============My Hometown=======================

    Malang is my hometown which is wonderful town i think. It’s located in East Java, about 2 hours from Surabaya. It has many good tourism places. firts, tugu it is front of Balai kota. Second,if you want to go to the beach, it has Balaikambang and manymore good destinations. About the food, Malang has bakso as the typical food of Malang, then Malang has tempe, now tempe of Malang is already famous in Indonesia, begining from Sabang to Merauke all of people know it. Bahasa walikan or bahasa kiwalan made by Malang people. This languages created since many years ago when colonialization of Dutch. People in Malang is very friendly. They accept the tourist well. Their smile, their attitude will make others enjoy to stay. There are many cultures in Malang. One of them is Bantengan and the second Malang has Topeng dance and you must know, Topeng Dance is originof Malang.
    Malang is a good place. So…………………… YOU MUST VISIT IT.!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    By : A6

  2. Bernadethe Beatriks Linda English C/2011

    October 27, 2011 at 20:47

    THEMES: SYMPTOMS IN SMOKING among adolescents

    Symptoms of Smoking Among Teens In
    Julai 18, 2007 – mindabahasa
    Symptoms of smoking is increasing despite the various Kempen now run to subtract smokers. Many teenagers, men mahupun women caught up in this bad tempers. Smoking behavior is not simple membazirkan wang even carry various diseases that could bring a death like kanser lungs. According Kesihatan Minister, Dato ‘Dr. Chua Soi Lek, the increase in smoking among teenagers is increasing statistics follow in 2006.
    Kempen antismoking which is being run by the kingdom recently sememangnya a good move. Kingdom of kerana laudable attempt to membanteras smoking behavior. This gives penumpuan Kempen of the face of the negative face of people who smoke to scare teens who get caught up in this character. It also shows the state Kempen lungs of people who smoke. The lungs are black, dry, and quite frightening.
    Antismoking Kempen is widely distributed in various media. Televisyen, khabar letter, and also radio is now filled with antismoking ads. The teenagers who majoritinya watch and hear radio televisyen given consciousness about the nature of smoking and impressions through these ads. Through this advertising Kempen target groups, namely smokers should be achieved and levels of smokers can be deducted.

  3. lidia mufidah putri/A

    May 15, 2011 at 21:35

    Name : Lidia Mufidah Putri
    class : A/2101000320011


    once upon a time there lived neighbors, a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit was a good shooter and the bear, being very clumsy, could not use an arrow for a good advantage.
    The bear was very unkind to the rabbit. Every morning, the bear would call over to the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrows and came with the bear to the other side of the hill.
    The bear feared to make angry if he refused consented went with the bear. The bear shoot some Buffalo to satisfy the bear’s family. Indeed, he shoot and killed so many that there was still lots of meat left after the bear and his family had loaded themselves and packed all them could carry home.
    However, the bear was so greedy and that he didn’t allow the to get any of the meat. The poor rabbit could not even taste the blood from the butchering, as the bear would throw earth on the blood and dried it up. The poor rabbit would have to go home hungry after his hard day’s work.
    The bear was the father of five children. The youngest bear was very kind to the rabbit. Knowing that the youngest bear was a very hearty eater, the mother bear always gave him an extra large piece of meat. Instead of eating this extra meat, the youngest bear would take the meat outside and pretend to play ball with it, kicking it toward the rabbit’s house, and when he got close to the door he would give the meat such a great kick that it would fly into the rabbit’s house. In this way the poor rabbit would get his meal, without known by the papa bear.
    From this story, we can get benefit that we shouldn’t be greedy for everything. So, we must be tolerance for everybody.

  4. siti fajar istiqomah

    May 12, 2011 at 20:10

    siti fajar istiqomah NR 2010
    Love Story Elementary School Children
    Anto is the first class of elementary school children. He has a school friend named clara. Clara is a sweet and beautiful girl. Long story short, anto fell in love and clara clara also love anto. One day, because they do not take it anymore, anto said on clara, “clara, I like you”. Unfortunately we are still small but when later we’ve grown,actually I’ll marry you. with a rosy face, clara answered “anto, not that I refused but the truth in our family, we just married fellow relatives only. Uncle married my aunt, grandfather married my grandmother, and even mother married my father. And it you’re not kin to me. Hearing clara anto heartbreak.

  5. Defi Yuliani

    May 12, 2011 at 17:58

    I want to tell about my experience. It happened when i was seven years old. I had neighbour. Her house were not far from my house. I called her Mrs Ana. She had a small shop. I liked to buy anything in there.
    At the moment I and Dwi, my older sister wanted to buy some candies. We brought five hundred , when I came to her shop, I took five candies. I gave her my money. But she didn’t accept my money. “Why you didn’t accept my money?” asked me. “Your money was five coin of one hundred, right?” said Mrs Ana. She didn’t like coin. Because people bought something in her shop and they didn’t coin as them money changing. So, she did not like coins. I and my sister hate it.
    After that we went from her shop, but before that I said slowly, ”Oh my god, I hope people wouldn’t come to this shop again because she cruel.”. Suddenly Mrs Ana angry to me, she said loudly, “Hey! You weren’t polite.” I said again, “You were cruel”. After said that, I and my sister ran fast. I thought she was angry because she heard me. After that I never come to her shop again.

  6. Maria Maryuni Wonga

    May 12, 2011 at 13:04

    A last month, I when to shop in the market. when I arrived in the market I ask to the servant, How much this vegetables?. she said… this is 5.000 rupias. therefore, I took the vegetables and put in the basket. After that, I looked in my wallet, in fact I forgot bring money. than I back home to took money in my home. and vegetable I intrust in the servant.


    May 12, 2011 at 07:38

    (MID TEST)

    I live at Prigen, a little town that near from mountain. Those included in Pasuruan regency. With so much nature tourism until lodging, made this town became a good tourism object at Pasuruan. For nature tourism, Prigen belong three waterfalls. Perhutani only managed two waterfalls. Kakek Bodo Waterfall and Putuk Truno Waterfall. If you want to food tour, you also can dine on Pandurata Pujasera. Or you can enjoy so much food that always popping out every afternoon. You can find out many and varied foods, like roasted corn, Chinese food, angsle, chikcken satay etc. of course with cheap prizes. In New Year’s night, the atmosphere of Prigen becomes so lively and compact. The fireworks look so beautiful and very wonderful. Moreover, that place compatible to become tourism place.
    The tourist also comforted with Taman Safari II that the distance isn’t too far from Tretes. That only about 20-30 minutes to go. You can choose from two tracks. First track, you can passed away on by pass or Welirang way that near from citizen’s residents. However that track is so hard, because of bad way that winding up and down. But it has very beautiful scenery.
    Prigen is a beautiful town that was famous since Dutch Age where this place became tourism place for them. Cold weather made them so glad and always visited Prigen in Holiday. You not only can enjoy nature tourism, but also food tour, edu tour, outbound and riding horse.
    And you can also find out the historic building, the name is Candi Jawi. You can enjoy it without cost a lot of money. Because, it’s free for visited. That place only 15-20 minutes from Prigen, near from boulevard and citizen’s residents.
    Then, mainly job of citizens is a farmer. Because there are so many farms and fields. And also pine tree fields there. You can find it when you through away on jl. Trawas. Not only it and you also can see much flower and tree that spread on the sides of Jl. Tretes.
    That is my hometown, Prigen. A Cold Town and also tourism town.

    ‘AINUN NI’MAH (non reg)

  8. Muhibbatul Auliya'

    May 11, 2011 at 12:21

    one day I wanted to ride a motorcycle. My father allowed and helped me to ride it. At 11.15 until 12.00 p.m we were on the motorcycle and surrounded street of my house. Not long after that my father believed that I could ride it by myself, so, he release me. suddenly there was a little girl who crossed in front of me when I rode the motorcycle, In my left there were a farms, in my right there were a big trees, I try to avoid her but I lost and cross the bamboo trees, I was in there, fortunately the bamboo trees have been cut, so it is not was too hard for me. there were many people who helped me go out. oh…………… poor me!

    New student Muhibbatul Auliya’ NR 2010

  9. azizah nur imanah

    May 7, 2011 at 10:20

    1. Last month ago my uncle will invited me to the market.
    2.When my uncle started his motorcycle i yet ready to sat on the motorcycle.
    3.So i fallen and my uncle don’t know he still went and leaved me.
    4. although i called him but he doesn’t heared after fiew minute he realize and cameback to me.
    5.Finally, iready to sat on the motorcycle and we went to the market.

  10. Vanda Fakhrozi

    May 7, 2011 at 10:17

    Vanda Fakhrozi

    NonReg English 2010

    on a hot day with a blazing sun. I was with a friend of mine was driving motor.dan when we stopped for a traffic light was red. And a beautiful woman riding a big motorcycle also stopped beside us, at first I was just idly tell “hey, you tire less wind. ” and he replied with a cynical bales “hey look at you instead leaky tire. ” and I saw our motorcycle rear tire was leaking.

  11. iis astutik

    May 7, 2011 at 10:16

    When I worked in jakarta is the story of fun that I can not see the alarm .Become from my mistakes, I miss seing called morning.
    The incident began when I made ​​an appointment with my friend, to go the way of the road in the morning to pekanraya jakarta lalu.dengan year I happily set wekerku to get up at 5 am.Tak ago shortly after my call to set an alarm, then he told me to call him tomorrow morning, all because he is hard to get up i am fell asleep after the telephone with my friend.
    When the morning (exactly midnight) my alarm sounds without thinking I reach for the phone and dialed my friends.But what I get with my good intentions, he was angry angry. Apparently there are mistakes here, I look at my watch, I was surprised to realize the clock is still 2 am … … ..
    Oh shame me. Finally my friend called me Miss morning.

  12. maftakhatul fitria risma dita

    May 7, 2011 at 08:45

    At first I have a friend his name Mahsa . He was my friend during high school. One day when leaving for school, he was riding a motorcycle. However He was late to come to school, because his home is far, 11 KM from our school. Now rain on the way down. Unluckily He forgot to bring a raincoat. He did not stop to take shelter, because at the first lesson is repeated daily. So have to drive at high speed.Suddenly shaky motor, rear tire was leaking. At the moment he must bring motorcycle to the garage for repair. Until arrived school, she looked pale and wet soaking. In School, Ironically him only wet, because in our school district does not rain. So only the clothes he was wet and had delayed school.

    English department
    Non reg 2010
    210 1001320199

  13. Beny Ari Hakam

    May 6, 2011 at 20:46

    Last month 1 went to my school. And then when I teach my students there was something wrong in my nose. Actually I didn’t know what’s wrong in my nose. Before my students said to me and my student laughed at me. Suddenly my students said “Sir, there was something wrong in your nose, they mean black pulkadot. I realized, I said “oh… I am sory didn’t know this is from ink after erasing white board I touch my nose”. After sawing my nose in front of mirror I was shock. Finally, I said t my students thank you very much for your intention, because this is the first my experience I always said thank you very much.

  14. jumiati elida yuni

    May 5, 2011 at 22:09

    Jumiati elida yuni
    English non reg 2010
    Npm: 2101001320028

    Ten years ago, in a cloudy Sunday morning, I went to a café for tea and read magazine. Although it was dark. I decided to go. When I reached café. At first i said hi to nino- the handsome waiter and I started to ordered croissant and a cup of tea.then I choosed a soft and comfort armchair near the window, while waiting I looked around the café only one guy sat down on another chair straight in front of me, frankly he was quite handsome, he looked busy with his work on laptop. I started to read my magazine n drowned with it, suddenly I felt someone stared at me, I lifted my head and….oh my god.. it was him. My face was blushing , luckily he didn’t see me ( I wish he didn’t). as a matter of fact I wanted to chat with him and knew him . on the contrary I was to shy to asked. 1….2….3….4….5….he tidied his laptop and paid the bill 6….7….8….9….10 “ I kept counting”. he will go surely . My heart was beated so fast, I wished a miracle. Finally, he walked over to my table, and gave me a piece of small paper and said “ I wrote my name and my number on it, hope we can talk next time” i was speechless and only nod my head. I supposed to flabbergasted that time. On the other hand , I thanks to god for such a wonderful moment in Sunday morning.

  15. Yusfita Eka Nurjana

    May 5, 2011 at 15:17

    Name: Eka Nurjana Yusfita
    NPM : 2101000320209
    Class : English Department (Non Reg)

    Basically people do not speak or sleep is silent. Nevertheless sleep also can be a funny entertainment for others. In Malang I live in boarding houses and rooming together with my friends. In one night at 9, my friends already went to sleep. But he has not performed the Isha’ prayers. Meanwhile, I wake him. And I said ‘by the way whether you’re praying? Then, Suddenly she got up, he answered with in brief word. Where is TV ? And although he woke up she did not open her eyes. Naturally without knowing me laugh and was surprised to hear the words and attitudes. Eventually I realized that in fact she is talk in her sleep. It is true a funny story in my boarding house.


    May 5, 2011 at 13:23

    at night in a week ago, in my village there is an exhibition of products produced from their respective districts and subdistricts, so me and my friends go there, after arriving there I and my friends to buy tickets and then we went into the exhibition area to see and also buy them if we fell interested. along the way we browse and enjoy our conversation, after not realize one of my lost friend, when we feel frightened and confused. it was late and getting dark we continue to look for my lost friends before, then one of my other friends saw a child who tried to ask for help are in a drainage ditch. we rushed to see it turned out that my friend is missing. after he helped tell if he had fallen and was trapped so trapped diselokan water disposal. iiiiiiiiiiihhhhhh really disgusting, but after that all my friends laugh,,,, hwhwwhhwhwhwhwwhwhahahhahahaahhahahaaahhahahaaaaaa

    The last we came home together with bring funny memories that never imagined.

  17. Tuah

    May 5, 2011 at 10:28

    NIM: 2101001320211

    Make a paragraph about “Funny Story”
    1. I went to “Sendang Biru” beach last month.
    2. Then I met my old friend and his family in there.
    3. That’s why We were very happy, we talked many things about family, children, job, funny story.
    4. If we talked about funny story and we laughed.
    5. Suddenly while talking, my friend’s teeth were out.
    6. I laughed him. I saw his face change red, maybe he was shy to me.
    7. After knowing that, I said sorry with him, because I didn’t know , if he wore imitation teeth.
    8. That happening was verry funny for me, but for him, it was shy.

  18. Binti L Mubarokah

    May 4, 2011 at 11:05

    Name: Binti L Mubarokah
    Class : English Department (Non-Reg 2010)

    My Purse Left at Room

    My purse left at room when I went to the Sunday market (pasar minggu). At Sunday morning, I went to the Sunday market with my best friend. Then I had to look for something, start from hunting dress, food, small beads and the last I was interested with bracelet. I liked it and I repeatedly to tried it. And then I asked the price to the seller. Naturally I tried to offer and finally I agree with the price. Furthermore I paid it. next, I looked for my purse in my bag but it was not there. I was confused because my purse was gone and I had offered the bracelet. Eventually, I remembered my purse was still on the table in my room. I panic and was shy to the seller. Nevertheless my friend just laughed at me. So, the last choice I had to borrow money to my best friend. If I canceled buying it, I was shy because I repeatedly tried it. Finally, I thanked to my friend and she still laughed at me. Oh my God…T_T

  19. sugi astuti

    May 4, 2011 at 08:16

    Recently, I went to the Sunday market. Interestingly, I went with my mother. I saw many against and people in Sunday market. Suddenly I looked my friend when I in junior high school. In short, I called her very loudly. Unluckily she was not responded. Next I came in her. However she was not my friend. Frankly, I very ashamed and then I said apologize because I called wrong people. Although I called wrong people, honestly it’s never mind because I very confident

  20. Novita Septiyani /Pend.Bhs.Inggris/2010

    April 28, 2011 at 22:39

    Last night I went to a traditional night market with the children and my husband. When viewing a toy train, he was crying for buy. Unfortunately as we approached the toy was purchased others. Not unexpectedly crying out to be-so. For a moment I think ….. Finally there is the idea to buy another toy. Actually he does not want the others, but I forced him. Long story short we bought him a train but from wood. Basically, not less good as a toy train made of plastic, just a little bit old fashioned. After paying we continue the journey back diarea other traditional night market.

  21. yuliana mayasari

    April 28, 2011 at 19:50

    yuliana mayasari
    non reg 2010

    I have an unforgettable experience. Honestly, it is an embarrassing moment. The story began in my neighbor party. At That time, there is two places that my husband and I should be attended. In the first place, it is a wedding party and the next place is circumcision party. Generally, We brought amount of money in the envelope and then gave it to the Host. We represent our parents to come to the party in second place. We have prepared an envelope for all the Host. Before entering the party place, my husband took in a pocket comb to comb his hair. After the meal, my husband took the envelope in his pocket. At first she seemed busy looking in every pocket. Suddenly his face turned into a confused because it only found one envelope. Maybe, when take a comb the envelope fall. Meanwhile, other guests had begun moving toward the Host and we just stayed in the dining room. Finally, we gave an envelope with the name of our father, in fact my husband who was invited. Fortunately, we brought that envelope to the next party, if not we can not imagine what would be happens to us. It would be very embarrassing.

  22. wiwit widianto

    April 28, 2011 at 19:40

    NPM : 2101001320046
    Naturally human will be embrass if we do wrong actitvity. This happened with my headmaster while we were meeting in Surabaya two month ago. We stay on fourth floor my headmaster never use lift, he look scared , At first I enter to the lift then he is follow me on behind a moment we to the door ,suddenly thedoor closed luckily my headmasterover by accident, finally we choise other lift to go our room , Nevertheless we are happy can stay in the Great Hotel in Surabaya.

  23. ainia pertiwi (ikip budi utomo/2101001320117)

    April 28, 2011 at 10:00

    At the first I and my friends held an event to watch together at local mall in Malang. before entering to the cinema, we bought food and drinks at the supermarket. At the time, we went to the studio. Suddenly, Security scold us and should not bring food from the outside. We forced to leave our food in place nursery goods.
    In the middle of the movie, abruptly want to go to the toilet and his name is hakim. Perhaps because of this dark studio plus the first time I visited. I and Hakim street with confident style. After enjoying the road, suddenly sounded “BBRRRUUUKKK”. Spontaneous I saw hakim was styled like a lizard on the wall. Audience in the behind were laughing because they saw it happen.
    At the time of exit from the studio I saw my friend’s face bruise on his forehead and his glasses crooked. Until now if I remember the event that made me laugh again.

  24. Novi Sisca Rosana

    April 27, 2011 at 15:19

    One day I went to pay for electricity such as monthly. Because my motorcycle was being repaired so I decided to borrowed my neighbor’s motorcycle to go to the PLN office. In short after paid for electricity I took the motorcycle in the parking area. Then I turn it on, however it wasn’t and the key does not right with the hole. I retry it as a rule but it wasn’t worked anyway, I getting panic “what’s the problem?” I asked myself. “Unfortunately you turn on the wrong bike ma’am that’s mine”, said the men behind me suddenly. Oh my god, I immediately down from the bike and apologized, surely with head bowed and a shy smile. Obviously my neighbor’s motorcycle they were on the left that men motorcycle. Certainly I was fooled with the color, model and exact same brand. That’s incident was very embarrassing for me, I hope never met that man again wherever.


    April 26, 2011 at 09:39

    B.INGG NR 2010

    Embarrassing moment ………….
    Saturday evening, when I’m going to the market with my husband.
    I find a gift for my friend.
    When I’m in the market, next I’m going to souvenir counter. And afterwards I’m look for special souvenir for my friend wedding party.
    Furthermore I asked to my husband “is this one souvenir suitable for wedding gift?”
    Unluckily my husband didn’t speak to me.
    Once again I asked to my husband.
    Ironically, he still didn’t speak to me.
    When I try to saw him, I can’t find him beside me, but the others people.
    And they just look at me.
    Oh my god, I’m so shy……….. (Surely)
    Then I’m promise to my self, before I’m speak to someone I must see they before.


    April 22, 2011 at 14:00

    Lately, I remember of someone who has made my heart is biting. At first I met him when we were on the bus at 8.00 pm, I went home from Surabaya. I got on y bus from bus station. Although the bus was full, I forced to enter. Moreover I stood up. I was very tired because for a long time I didn’t get a seat. I just stood the last of the row. Luckily one of passengers in front of me offering me to sit because he wanted to get off. Afterwards I sat down in his place, and beside his place there was a handsome boy, he made me surprised because he was good looking, I couldn’t say anything. So, I sat beside him. My heart was biting.
    Oh my god, I have never met the boy like before. Actually we were silent and easy going cluck each other. Just then a few minute later. He asked me about my name, my address etc. we enjoyed our travel and our talk. Finally when the bus arrived to my house. I permitted and I say hello to him. Although we just talked for a moment but I fell Lucky because I have never met him before. Now, I try to find someone like him. It is unforgettable moment.


    April 22, 2011 at 13:58

    Liberty statue is amazing a pos which is wanted to look by Reva In a live, when she has permitted from her parent directly she went to USA to visit liberty statue, although she didn’t know about the place of liberty exactly. Upon his arrival at the town square in USA. She was confused because she didn’t know where she was there and than she sat in a beach, when she sat in a beach Reva looked someone who ever there in her past time, after wards she tried to call him.
    Refa : “Rafi?”
    Rafi : “Reva? I met you here”
    Reva : “hey….. Coincidently, how are you?”
    Rafi :” I am fine, by the way where do you want to see liberty statue, can you company me to go there?”
    Rafi :” of course!”
    Reva : “OMG. Luckily I meet you “
    Rafi &Reva: “let’s go”
    Then, they went to liberty statue place upon arriving at the place Reva look like very happy so she run near to the library immediate and said……
    Reva :” wow…… this is more amazing than my imagination, what abot you?”
    Rafi :” for me, at present”
    Actually there is no some amazing than. You anyway, you are my princess in my past time, other wise now and forever will always beside you everlasting.
    Reva :” are you sure?” (she tried to tempt)
    Rafi: according to you? well lets go to the other amazing place, after wards we can come back here next time whenever you want and I will accompany you oke?
    Reva :” just smile”
    Finally Reva and Ravi Leave Liberty. Naturally this story about romantic


    April 22, 2011 at 13:57

    Actually, that time I fill confusing, what happen with me. Eventually I went to market, all of the seller saw to me. They saw my leg, actually my pair of slipper isn’t that pair. Lately they are laugh. After wards I am shy, finally I went home with very shy. Luckily in market condition is quite. Coincidently the of slipper isn’t different. But however my ashamed can’t hidden. Now, from the happen I must be carefully, so it will not happen again.

  29. Sabdi

    April 21, 2011 at 17:15

    ” Hit the Electric Tower”
    A long time ago, When I and my friends went to the Unitri University for the first time. when on the way we met a beautiful girl. There was one of my friends, his name is Sudiman. Frankly he was fascinated very much to the beautiful girl. Therefore he continuously saw the girl paying attention to his step the way. Unfortunately, he faced a head, suddenly there was electric tower. As the result, he broke his own teeth.

  30. vira setia ningrum

    April 17, 2011 at 22:33

    The ‘wayang kulit’ is a shadow play. In fact, It is a culture of java. Generally , the ‘wayang kulit performance needs a screen, a special lamp, three or four banana trees, puppets, Javanese musical, instruments, Javanese musicians and singers, and a ‘dalang’. The ‘dalang’ sticks the handles of the puppets on these banana trees so the puppets can stand. The puppets, the ‘dalang’, the Javanese musicians and singers, and the lamp are in front of the screen while the spectators are behind the screen during the show, and then they can see the shadow of the puppets on the screen. Basically, There are two groups of puppets, for example are good characters and bad characters. The good characters are on the right-hand side of the ‘dalang’ while the bad characters are on the left-hand side. Certainly, this show is a popular in Java.

    non reg 2010 (join in reguler class a-1)

  31. amor ervian putra

    April 17, 2011 at 20:23

    MOG is a good departmentstore. In the first place it is very modern and clean inside. Then it has a large parking lot which able to hold many visitor’s vehicles. However a departmentstore should always be clean. Generally teenagers like to sit, have tea, coffee, or a soft drink, and gossip there after school. Furthermore MOG is a good place to buy food, clothes, accesories, tools, and many things. Certainly there is always a large choice, and the Prices are always reasonable. In other words MOG have all the requirements to be called a good departmentstore

  32. Emirensiana D. Ege/A/2009

    April 17, 2011 at 19:35

    My hometown is famous for several amazing natural features.  First, it is noted for the Wheaton River, which is very wide and beautiful. On either side of this river, which is 175 feet wide, are many willow trees which have long branches that can move gracefully in the wind.  In autumn the leaves of these trees fall and cover the riverbanks like golden snow.  Second, on the other side of the town is Wheaton Hill, which is unusual because it is very steep.  Even though it is steep, climbing this hill is not dangerous, because there are some firm rocks along the sides that can be used as stairs.  There are no trees around this hill, so it stands clearly against the sky and can be seen from many miles away.  The third amazing feature is the Big Old Tree. This tree stands two hundred feet tall and is probably about six hundred years old.  These three landmarks are truly amazing and make my hometown a famous place.
    of course with the existence of this tree makes the scenery around the river becomes more fascinating. Wheaton River is very wide to bring its own progress so that my village became famous for its beauty that attracted the attention of many people, even to reach the river must climb a mountain, but did not rule out the possibility that the river was not tempted beauty, that’s the beauty of Wheaton River fabulous with some outstanding natural features.

  33. Floentina Analia Sari

    April 17, 2011 at 17:46

    *****livelihoods in rural communities*****

    Almost all communities especially in rural areas have economic activity
    generate income even in a limited scale. some of their livelihood such as private employees and civil servants. viewed from the level of their work can be in for the part of their job, namely:
    first as private employees in agriculture. besides trying as farmers in rural communities also work as traders, some are making a cake, or open a furniture business, or open a rice shop. Several others work as construction laborers, carpenters ojeg, welders etc.
    both also work as a civil servant of them as doctors, there is also a teacher, a midwife or nurse, etc.


    April 17, 2011 at 16:31

    Actually Lamongan not like the city of Malang, but no less Lamongan city like the city of Malang. Just the same town, dubbed the city park orphans, Malang, East Java town park 1 and Lamongan town jatimpark 2. Although not as jatimpark 1, jatim park 2 also good although not as orphans rides the bicycle park 1, Lamongan city government will complete the spacecraft Mars. In other words Lamongan no different with the city of Malang. Although Lamongan not like the city of Malang, Lamongan have never deserted from the visitors from within and from outside the city. Usually, when visiting Lamongan more precisely in the WBL (Marine Tourism Lamongan) or we are familiar with Park East Java less afdol if not visit other places for example, dams gondang, Maharani cave, Maharani zoo, caves akbar, and others. In Malang, there are also good places for example sengkalin, selekta, Cuban rondo, BNS, and others.
    A lot of nice places in Lamongan and in Malang, which is not possible I mentioned one by one if I mentioned one by one one day will not be finished for me to mention. For more delicious for yourself visit the city Lamongan and poor. Surely you’re not going to regret.
    By the way on the east is also tourist attractions of Java is not inferior to western Java, central java, south of Java, and north of Java.
    Hahahahahahaha ( memang ada ya south of Java, and north of Java) just a joke Mr.
    That is west of Java and Central Java.
    East Java also has the beautiful places called orphans park.


    April 17, 2011 at 16:02

    Has been carried out observations of the ways to guide and educate the child or student. One of them is Hypno parenting, the way how students through parents and family.
    Actually Parenting Hypno system include: LOVE LANGUAGES, Hypno Sleeping, MODEL Milton, ARTISTRY and EDUCATION.
    First, parents do LOVE LANGUAGES, for example by providing a soft touch to the child, then provide specific services as well as words of support to the child, and provide a gift for the child happy.
    Second, parents do Hypno Sleeping, namely by providing a touch when the child before bed, parents can also read a fairy tale before bedtime until the child falls asleep.
    Third, parents do MODEL Milton, by asking the magic words so the children know and understand what their parents say, a kind of softening a sentence so deee … hahaha …
    Finally, parents can be calm if the child is able to understand what their parents gave.
    However, in addition, parents also need to provide a kind of ARTISTRY as a kind of dances or movements to make the child better understand what that meant his parents, and sing a song or songs for children, to train the child’s vocals as well. .
    The latter, of course, parents provide adequate facilities and finance the education of children, at least 9 years of compulsory education .. but so kids do not get too spoiled, given the liver instead asked for the heart. ! ,, Hahahahaaaaa … … … ..
    And so on will be like that ,,


    April 17, 2011 at 15:35


    This is my story, i think this isn’t funny story but may be for any one this is funny story.
    A year ago I went to my grandmother’s house, because my grandmother’s house in the village then I go through many rice fields and gardens throughout our trip. IN FACT, none of the vehicles that can pass through the street where my grandmother lived. So I had to walk past the river, gardens and rice fields. NEVERTHELESS, I still enjoyed the trip, because I could see an unspoiled rural scenery and well maintained. Especially when I’m down a path by the river and I saw two buffaloes was busy soaking, in my heart is saying quite comfortable if I lived in this village. UNFORTUNATELY, when I was busy walking along the river suddenly a buffalo woke up from his bathing activity, and quickly hit my body. AT THE MOMENT, I instantly fell just above the rice fields located on the riverbank. With deep disappointment I tried to get up from the top of rice but I find all my body filled with mud, dirty and smelly. EVEN THOUGHT, I still tried to get up and clean up the dirty with my body plunged into a river. After the feel is clean, I went on my way to grandma’s house. FINALLY, I got and I tell bad luck that I experienced on my grandmother and my grandmother just laughed at it funny experience.

  37. Inggrit Wahyu Putri

    April 17, 2011 at 14:30

    Paragraph Coherence

    Beautiful cat, I love

    Beautiful cat is a cat a clean, healthy and well maintained. First, the things that need to be noticed is a healthy cat food and nutrition, among other things: fresh fish, minced meat, and fish snacks. In addition, cat hygiene should always be maintained, that is by bathing them every day by using a specific shampoo and rub cat’s every curve of that body. After bathing the cat and then dry them, next is to give powder so that no germs or lice. In addition, the powder can also create a cat hair smooth and soft. For long-haired cats and dense, then we have to comb their feathers gently for that feathers doesn’t fall. Playing with cats is also one way to avoid for cats do not stress. Cats are not stressed will look more cheerful and look beautiful. Most games to enjoy doing is playing ball and thread. Cats are moving to the right and the left is a sign that the cat is happy. The last is the cat checked by a veterinarian. This examination is usually done once a month to find out medical history cat. If treatment is done properly and correctly, then the cat will look pretty and adorable.

  38. putriyanto (ryan) english class A

    April 17, 2011 at 14:25

    ======================“act like a clown”======================
    long time ago when i was in my vocational high school of student orientation my teacher asked me to modify my self as a clown . basically , i felt shame to other because i had never done it before . but my teacher still forced me to do it , finally i did it . then he ordered me to walk through pavement from class one to class three . fortunately , at the time there were not any student near the classes so i was not too shy . in spite of my body liked a real clown .

  39. matius loba dowa english class A

    April 17, 2011 at 14:23

    ==========The weakness in learning=========
    i study english in my boarding house and not long reading a book i always speak english not perfect . basically i didnt know english but i often practice to speak english in spite of i am a lone in my boarding house and my neighborhood hear my voice till they said that i am crazy after i study english i lay on my bed and then i got up and do jogging and after that activity i take a bath .although i am tired still keep my spirit to make my body healthy . in the evening i speak english a lone with loud voice to make perfect of my vocabularies .

  40. Ali basri

    April 17, 2011 at 14:10


    A few months ago, my holiday in Bali. Incidentally, I have a friend there. Nevertheless, I am also looking for new friends for a walk around Bali. at that time, the holidays are the most beautiful memories for me. In addition to the tourist spot Bali, Bali is also the city of education. That although, the number of campuses in there a little. but did not rule, a school student in there quite a lot. Do not miss too much school my friends there. however, most of them work while studying. when I visited the place of tourism in Bali, I was touched by the natural charm and beautiful scenery. however, there are many unique places that I have not visited due to limited funds. but, I was impressed and satisfied during my vacation.

  41. Lidia Mufidah Putri/A reg-2101000320011

    April 17, 2011 at 12:00

    2. Oleh karena itu
    3. Bagaimanapun
    4. Omong-omong
    5. Namun
    6. Namun
    7. Untung
    8. Untunglah
    9. Sayangnya
    10. Tentu saja
    11. Sayangnya
    12. Umumnya
    13. Sebetulnya
    14. Karenanya
    15. Akibatnya
    16. Sebetulnya
    17. Sebenarnya
    18. Baru-baru ini
    19. Akhir-akhir ini
    20. Dengan kata lain
    21. Dalam singkat
    22. Akhirnya
    23. Dinyatakan
    24. Kecuali
    25. Lebih tepatnya
    26. Bahkan meskipun
    27. Pada dasarnya
    28. Demikian
    29. Sebenarnya
    30. Selanjutnya
    31. Pasti
    32. Berikutnya
    33. Ironisnya
    34. Untuk beberapa hal
    35. Dalam jangka panjang
    36. Di tempat pertama
    37. Kemudian
    38. Setelah itu
    39. Selain
    40. Selain
    41. Sebaliknya
    42. Akhirnya
    43. Pada pertama
    44. Tiba-tiba
    45. Tiba-tiba
    46. Jelas
    47. Sekarang
    48. Pasti
    49. Saat ini
    50. Pada ini
    51. Sekarang
    52. Menariknya
    53. Secara jujur
    54. Karenanya
    55. Untuk instan
    56. Misalnya
    57. Sekaligus
    58. Akhirnya
    59. Kebetulan
    60. Untuk satu kejutan
    61. Karenanya
    62. Sementara itu
    63. Untuk sementara
    64. Pendek kata
    65. Secara singkat
    66. Di satu sisi
    67. Pada prinsipnya
    68. Untuk jumlah
    69. Biasanya
    70. tidak

  42. Lidia Mufidah Putri/A reg-2101000320011

    April 17, 2011 at 10:58

    Name : Lidia Mufidah Putri/ A (2101000320011)

    The good and bad effects of TV on your kids
    First, to develop their language, motor and social skill; these skill are develop in the kids first two years through play, exploration; your kids language skills for example: do not improve by passively listening to the TV; it is develop by interacting with people when talking and listening use in the context of real life. Second, reading interest; TV viewing takes away time from reading and improving reading skill through practice; kids watching cartoon and entertainment television during pre-school years have poorer pre-reading skill at age 5 also; kids who watch entertainment TV are also less likely to read books and print media. Third, exercising initiative; your kids being intellectual, challenged, thinking analytically and using his imagination. Fourth, kids lazy; school kids who watch too much TV also tend to work less on their homework; when doing homework with TV on the background, kids tend to retain less skill and information; when they lose sleep because of TV, they become less alert during the day and this result in poor school performance. The last, noise; research show that kids who are bombarded by background TV noise in their homes have trouble playing attention to voice when there is also background noise. There are the good and bad effect of TV on your kids.

  43. anis musthorika

    April 17, 2011 at 09:32

    In the first place, the baby unlucky get more nutrient in milk. Eventually the mother feel worried can’t give they baby a little milk because milk is so expensive. Luckily now there is a lot of shop that sell milk with a relativly cheap price, so that their children will meet the nutrient from milk. Seveal time ago had a baby goods store offers a friendly price.
        “My baby” shop may have been known by many mothers in Malang city. Naturally there are many diverse offering of milk. Among them are Bebelac milk with DHA content of nutrients and offered only a price of 80 thousand rupiah, then in other stores that milk prices are relatively more expensive. One of milk that still great demand is pediasure, traders who would sell them elsewhere. Unfortunately not all of people can buy milk with high nutrient, in addition they prefer buy milk that cheaper.
       Many of the lower classes prefer SGM milk prices that are very friendly with the objec economy. But whatever the exact choice of the mother, maternal love with milk prices down.

  44. Rino Ade Waluvi

    April 17, 2011 at 08:38

    ================ WRITING ASSIGNMENT ==============
    A memorable day is the day where we will always remember in our life. In other word, a memorable day is a unforgettable day. In this world, there are many kinds of memorable days, for example, Moslem has Idul Fitri day, Christian has Christmas day, Eastern and especially in Christian American has Halloween and the last Imlek. Furthermore, in this reading text will get down the cases about a memorable day.
    In the first place, will explain about about Idul Fitri which is the big day for Moslem. Idul Fitri has characteristics as Idul Fitri Praying, there are many “ketupat”, visits to the graveyard, etc. Generally, in Idul Fitri day is started with Idul Fitri Praying in mosque and then we will return home and we will do the “sungkeman” to our parents, afterwards, usually we will eat “Ketupat” and “Opor Ayam” together with family. Despitefully, there are many peoples go to graveyard to clean resting place of ancestors and the other people step around the neighbor’s house to shake hand with them. However, there is an interest time in Idul Fitri which is waited by children, it is a gift of money and after it, they will be happy and buy something quickly.
    The second is Christmas. Specific characteristic for this day is there are many Yew Tree in every house of Christian and certainly, the Yew tree is decorated with gaud. Not just it, in Christmas, there is people who wear cloth with the color is Red and White and uses beard imitation and gives some gift, this called Santa Claus. The third, a memorable day is Eastern, this day has characteristic as painting an egg and there is ornate of rabbit. The fourth is Halloween, this day is very frighten for people who scary with the ghost because children or adult wear ghost cloth and will walk down in walk. On the contrary, it will be funny for children because they can get many candies with play trick on treat and in every house there is a pumpkin which decorated like head of human. It is very scary.
    The latest, it is about Imlek, it is a big day for Konghucu’s communities. Red is the dominant of color in this day and Barong Sai became characteristic of this day and every Imlek day, the children get Ang Pao, on the other way, for adult must give the Ang Pao for the children. Ultimately, explain about the memorable day is finished and writer hope to the readers after finished read this reading text, readers can know how the atmosphere in every memorable day.

  45. Sendi Hardiyanti ( A-2 )

    April 17, 2011 at 07:24



    Fall down from motorcycle
    On Sunday morning, I went to traditional market with my sister to bought vegetables because there is a family event. But, on the way, I fell down because my sister rode very fast. Unfortunately, my sister did not help me but laughing. Fortunately, I’m OK. Until this time, I shy if remember this accident. I hoped this will not happen again because my brother told my parents and they laughing too.

  46. Mentari Sulistyaningsih

    April 17, 2011 at 07:18


    This is my story that happened yesterday in my friends’s house. Exactly it’s not funny story, but becomes funny when in the rush time. Yesterday was tiring day, however i still felt funny. That day was many assignment that my group and I had to finish and that was closly time with dead line. In that situation, I divided the duty in my group. I said to my friend to go to campus with motorcycle. And i went the others, I did my duty quickly. Suddenly, on the way I went there, my friend sent me messages and asked me where was the motorcycle key, laughing all the time, I went back to my friend and gave the key at the moment.


    April 17, 2011 at 07:16



    IN FACT, Indonesia different with others country, THEREFORE Indonesian country have others name, the name is Thousand Archipelago. BESIDE that,Indonesia also have famous island and beautiful island.FOR EXAMPLE Java,Sumatra,Kalimantan,Sulawesi and Bali. ACTUALLY every island have different characteristic with others island.THE FIRST is Java Island, it has a big population and public central of government. THE SECOND is Sumatra Island, Sumatra has a big forest and have small population. THE THIRD is Kalimantan Island, this island famous with mine industry. THE FOURTH is Sulawesi Island,it is a small island of Indonesia and the location of this island between Kalimantan Island and Irian Jaya Island. THE LAST is Bali Island, it is beautiful Island because this island have a lot of beautiful beach and tourism resort. IN SHORT,Indonesian country have a lot of famous island and Indonesian country can get advantage from it, THEREFORE Indonesian country one of big country in the word.

  48. Retno Dewi Puji Utami / English A

    April 16, 2011 at 21:08

    Indonesian people have been through a globalization and it to influence the all of life style. Globalization at Indonesian people can looked from some aspect, such as at “TOURISM”, Indonesia has been visited by many tourist. Basicly, they visit to Bali, Yogyakarta, North Sumatra, Jakarta, etc, because those place have a potency and an interesting something to tourist. Then, we can looked at “TELECOMUNICATION”. Now, telecommunication is more develop. The example are post mail, telegram, telephone, faximile, email HP, and internet. Furthermore at “FOOD”, Indonesian people who’s live in big city prefer than eat fast food, like Pizza Hut, KFC, Dunkin Donut, Mac Donald, Hoka-Hoka Bento, etc. Although they knew, those food aren’t healthy to their body. At “ CLOTHES”, their many wears jeans, coat, and mini skirt. And then at “LIFE STYLE”, they much luxurious life, disciplineless, and timeless. Those are very dangerous for our life. We musn’t dodge nevertheless we must be postioned wisely so we can’t fall at negative globalization influence.

  49. Norhani writing A-2

    April 16, 2011 at 18:56

    Music is fun

    My hobby is music, because music can make me happy. certainly, with music i fell my life very fun. therefore i like music i can’t enjoyed my life without music. thus, music give me inspiration more. so always have spirit thought this life.finally , i think music can’t separated from my life.

  50. Leni writing A-2

    April 16, 2011 at 18:43

    An Accident in Bus

    Once day,when i came back to Malang from my island i got an accident in Bus.Something i had was lost.Whereas it was very important to me.Unfortunatelly it happened when i was sleepy.Certainly i felt sad because that way given by my mother when i celebrated my seventeenth birthday.Therefore i felt terribly lost.I didn’t know what i must do.I found nothing.As a matter of fact that was not easy to find again.Thus,i had to let it lost.

    • Mila Kholifah

      April 19, 2011 at 10:24

      Nama : Mila Kholifah
      NMP : 2101001320356

      Funny story that happened in my life
      … …. .. He he … … … …. He … … ..
      Surely(The reading should be said, a smile ….
      Smiling world’s most seminal … …)

      By the Way. At that time I was a high school who “kiut” and beautiful of course, I became a member “Paskibraka” Kodya Malang. From the start in. “Paskibraka” I was in the delegation to hold the flag, so proud of me, well the story “flag it always me who own folded. Until years I graduated from high school, but my last job as a high school armed forces flag raisers failed, at that time in the hall ceremony to commemorate the miracle of Pancasila, not my usual practice I came up with his confidence on that morning, of course, with a uniform pride, I got the “headquarters paski” I’ve seen the flag folded, I do not think to check again I’m down just because the ceremony would’ve started, I get ready at my place, the ceremony started, troop flag had time to act, of course, remains with the formation of the line is OK and of course with compact army boots and prok-prok-prok. And come to me and the troops in front of the flagpole, I go ahead and strap attach flag and suddenly plaque flag “mluntir” frankly I’m embarrassed and already imagine the punishment in front of me as a troop flag, you certainly know friends all look disappointed (my senior), and ceremonial troops so noisy especially the back row, anyway I was embarrassed, ashamed and embarrassed.
      To sum up from that I conclude it can be careful, will examine whatever you will do in your life and do not you should not be underestimated. OK.

    • Anis Ekawati

      April 20, 2011 at 09:44

      As I sat in class 2 high school as usual every Monday at the school held a flag ceremony complete all be uniformed and wear black shoes Because it was rainy and wet my black shoes, forced me to school wearing black shoes and white patterned Arriving at the gates of my school not allowed to go though security Guards and earnest not be allowed to follow the flag ceremony for my black shoes are shades of white and then I explained to the pack of security Guards the Guards but still Yell at me and I Came Home changed made black shoes, but how Could I go home I’ve not got much time to go home, I finally stores the black color markers in my bag and I coloring the white shoes with black color markers in front of the pack of security Guards and other kids laughed at my behavior, then I am allowed to enter by a pack of security guards.satpam.


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