APPRENDRE LE FRANCAIS (Belajar Bahasa Prancis)

02 May

Do you want to learn French and know anything about its culture?

Just click the following links!

  1. Alphabetique du Francais (French Alphabet)
  2. La Prononciation (French Pronunciation)
  3. Les Mots (Vocabulary)
  4. La Grammaire (Grammar)
  5. La Conversation (French Conversation)
  6. La Cultur (Culture)

If you’ve done citing the links above you can test your French by doing the online exam below:

  1. Debutant Niveau 1 (Basic Level 1). (Examination deadline delayed until Sunday, June 5, 2011)
  2. Le Resultat Final de la Classe Niveau 1, Privat 1, et Niveau 2 de l’annee 2011.
  3. Debutant Niveau 1 pour Classe de HI
  4. Debutant Niveau 2 (Basic Level 2)
  5. Debutant Niveau 2 pour Classe de HI
  6. La Preparation de DELF (DELF Preparation)
  7. Le Resultat d’Examen Final de Privat Niveau 2 (Indro)
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