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Date  : March 3, 2012 (Regular Class)

  1. Write an essay covering three (200) hundreds words.
  2. The essay you write should correspond to the following text type: Exposition.
  3. Choose one of the following topics you think that corresponds to your mind.
  • Educating people in remote area
  • Preserving endangered culture in your hometown
  • Promoting tourism site in your area as the national potential

The essay should fit the following criteria:





Clearness of the Topic Sentence/Main Idea in the paragraph



Clearness of the Supporting Sentences/Details in each paragraphs



The Unity: the relevancy of main idea and its supporting information in both paragraph and text






Content (message/benefit)



Essay Length




  1. Create your own writing INDEPENDENTLY, HONESTLY, and THOUGHTFULLY.
  2. No “Translator machines”, e.g. Google Translator, or any existing articles are allowed.
  3. Any conducts which do not fit those criteria WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  4. Submit your writing by commenting on the blog by Thursday, March 8, 2012 no later than 24.00
  5. If there are any questions as necessary, please contact me (P. Andika) by text.

Have a good work and Good Luck!


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  1. kristiana melda wati

    March 12, 2012 at 12:00

    Name: Yose Pagora
    Class : ENGLISH C

    Education is a institution who built skill of person for to be perfect person and giving knowledge to someone, all of people deserve get education right now. No reason people for not school because government have been giving facility to all cities in Indonesia. Almost all child in Indonesia getting education and have been feeling all facility who gave by Indonesia government but not in remote, example jagoi area, it’s in west borneo.
    In jagoi area, many child not feeling perfect education because it’s far from city. Jagoi is a village who there is in Bengkayang regency and west borneo city. Building of school so bad and not suitable for make into study of place. Uniform who they wearing not like student because they are used free clothes. Even a lot of child can’t school that causes economy factor, they are just help their parent working in farm. In jagoi area many child graduated junior high school than senior high school. Jagoi people considered that education isn’t important because their thinking still an old buffer besides they also certainly that the gild need not education because they will be motherhood if their have family.
    Teacher who teaching in jagoi also not good and only a little teaching in there. Teacher is need there, teacher in remote need friends for sharing in middle lonely in outlying place of country. In jagoi area haven’t electric so their school there is not computer so that they can’t get new information about education and others information.
    Infrastructure of building like communication or transportation access for easy prepare education facility as well as live facility. Perhaps that all will be change their live in there.

  2. andika dewantara

    March 3, 2012 at 09:55

    For all students of IKIP Budi Utomo Malang who took Writing 1 Subject and are willing to retake the Final test of Writing please, submit your writing on this “Leave a Reply” box of this page on this blog. Please do not forget to give your identity (name, class, & NIM), and your email, so that I can give you a reply. Just follow the instruction I’ve posted above. Contact me if necessary. Good Job!

    • kristiana melda wati

      March 12, 2012 at 11:56

      Class : ENGLISH C / 2011-2012

      West borneo have a lot of ethnic and culture so interesting for studying and amendable like traditional dance, traditional dance, naik dango. Art and culture in west borneo have been lost because modern era right now.
      A lot of people have been forgetting about their culture. They are just studying others culture, like west civilization. They are proud with their style now whereas they have forget what did they do, have been spoil themselves and even they also shy recognize their culture themselves. Only partly people want studying their culture, like tembatok group, it’s 60 members. This group come from SAMBAS regency. They considered that art and culture is asset from their ancestors and need preserved.
      This group is plunge in to an activity traditional dances. They expect by mean of this group, they can play favorite west borneo culture to all people, especially to youth so boys and girls in west borneo know their art and culture themselves not only know about western culture. They are realize that this is big responsible because so difficult for invite the people for join with them.
      Every event, this group always show, example; they followed competition in Pontianak city last years, they become winner in that competition. Even they also represent their country town for competition in Palngkaraya and Balik papan city. This group many performance who their have got. So west borneo government give a helping hand to them.


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