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Recount To retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining 1)     Orientation: provides the setting and introduces participants.

2)     Events: tell what happened, in what sequence.

3)     Re-orientation: optional-closure of events.

1)  Focus on specific participants

2)  Use of material processes

3)  Circumstances of time and place

4)  Focus on temporal sequences

5)  Use of Past Tense

 Sample of text




I was driving along the coast road when the car suddenly lurched to one side.

Event 1

At first I thought a tyre had gone but when I saw telegraph poles collapsing like matchsticks.

Event 2

The rocks came tumbling accross the road and I had to abandon the car.

Event 3

When I got back to town, well, as I said, there wasn’t much left.


Finally, I realized that earthquake had strucked the whole town.


Possible Activity

Technique: Reciprocal Reading (Predicting, Clarifying, Questioning, Summarizing)

Topic       : Earthquake

Media       : Checklist and Essay form




  1. Have students worksheet related to the information will be discussed.
  2. Using slide of power point, show the students only the Orientation part of the text.
  3. Question students what might probably happen in the story, while students make a note on the form related the information.

“what was happenning to the author?”

  1. Keep showing the slide containing the events of the story, while the students clarify some information they read from the text.
  1. Share the students the whole content of the text.
  2. Ask some questions related to story.
  1. Use their own words, students re-write the story.
  2. Have randomly certain students to retell the story by their own version.


  1. What did the writer think at first?
  2. Why did the writer have to leave the car?
  3. Can you retell the event by using your own words? (speaking)
  4. What will you do if it happens to you?

Besides implementing the activities above, you can also apply such activities as done by students of SMP Emmanuel Batu as the following: (Please download the files below!)

  1. Recount Text activity 1
  2. Recount Text activity 2

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