11 May

Batu Night Spectacular

written by Utha




BNS (Batu Night Spectacular) is tourism site in Batu. BNS is opened every night. It makes everybody fun. There are playground, enchanting air skating, and beautiful lampion garden.
BNS is an interesting place for holiday at night.

Utha ^_^



written by Ririn,

Orange is a kind of fruits. nowadays we can find it in the market or especially in the fruit shop. It has two kind of colours. They are green and orange. This fruit belongs to small fruit, but there is one of this fruit that has a big size than the size of orange standards. It is usually called as Bali’s orange. Orange’s shape is round, and it tastes sweet. Orange is a fresh fruit and I like it so much.



written by Nurul,


The origin of Durion is from tropical Asia. Durion is a kind of temporary fruit. The shape of this fruit is oval, but sometimes we find it in circle shape. The skin of this fruit is unflawless like apple and orange, but it has thorny skin. When every people smell the Durion from long distance, they can know if there is durion around them because the durian’s smell is special. Even there are many weakness of Durion from its skin and smelly, the taste is very delicious. Every one is chasing to find it. From this fruit, perhaps we can take a message, that is we should not see someone from their outside performance, but from inside of their heart. Durian is very special fruit.




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